Our project brief for this term was titled Intersections. The requirements included finding and capturing some sort of group of people. Initially I thought about things that interest me, what jumps to mind at first. I’ve always wanted to do a project about the boating community of Bristol, especially the residential boats. After a bit of contact with someone and some more research I realised … Continue reading Evaluation

Nick Broomfield

Nick Broomfield is a documentary maker, he discusses photography in terms of being a tool. “A great way to strike up conversations, and a great excuse to ask questions about the World around you”. Hi first film Who Cares about Slum Clearance in Liverpool using a wind up boles camera. Nick was first influenced by a lot of observational documentaries but then by accident developed into … Continue reading Nick Broomfield

Brenda Anne Kenneally

During this project ive been influenced by quite a few female journalists. Brenda Anne Kenneally, she’s known for quite daring topics, exposing communities that live with financial poverty. She herself has lived in in poverty stricken areas which influenced this photographic decision and even started by photographing her neighbourhood: Money Power Respect: Pictures of My Neighborhood. What draws me to Brenda’s work is her dedication to … Continue reading Brenda Anne Kenneally

Self Sufficient community

Simon’s aim would have a self sufficient lifestyle – but obviously this hasn’t exactly been by choice… I wanted to see if there were any other ‘community’s’ in the area doing a similar thing other than the Burrows. http://www.brithdirmawr.co.uk I found this one in Wales, they actually advertise online for more people to join which i found interesting. Simon said to me that he’s like … Continue reading Self Sufficient community

Sophie Calle

Sophie Calle is a French Photographer, writer, conceptual artist and installation artist, i find massively influential. Her interests and techniques make me feel excited when i read about them! These kind of things i would love to start documenting but don’t have the confidence, she is so balsy and just goes for these mad ideas for example Address Book. I love the idea of discovering … Continue reading Sophie Calle